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The universal symbol of LOVE

The love heart pin board is officially the most popular pin board that we have ever made!

Since the beginning of little Dinosaur in 2005, we have made literally hundreds of love heart pin boards in what seems to be a million different cover options for our customers. This Christmas it continues to be very popular.

It occurred to me this week that I have no idea why the heart is a symbol of love. I suppose its a metaphor for love that is culturally based.... I have always recognised the heart shape as an iconic representation of love – the two things are inextricably linked in my mind, as of course they are for most people.

Of course we have another design that expresses love and fondness which is also popular and very much LOVED by our customers - pardon the pun.

See the gallery below - the 4 letter shapes can be arranged horizontally if you have a long skinny space to work with. You can arrange them however you like and I'll just remind you that both the heart pin board and the LOVE pin board can be covered in any one of around 100 different cover patterns or plain colours to match your space. You can design your own to suit your own decor. Yay!

You can simulate the result of the cover you choose with no obligation so have a go - it's fun!

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