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about us - the little dinosaur story

Nature Graffiti

Little Dinosaur was born in 2008.

An Interior Designer was looking for interesting decorative products for kids rooms for her clients. She found that most products available were heavily branded and lacked relevance to the interests and tastes of her clients and their kids.


She found that kids especially reacted well to seeing their own design come to life and seeing their interests become a part of their personal space. Personalised items were almost non existent in 2008 you know!


She had a concept for 'create your own' and came up with this idea for pin boards using a selection of shapes and fabrics that she handpicked and designed herself.

A prototype was made of the first pin board and the rest is history! 

Since 2008, Little Dinosaur has grown and grown. These amazing hand made pin boards are now in great demand and are being dispatched all over Australia. They're helping parents and kids decorate their rooms easily and in a personal way. 

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