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What are the pin boards made of?

Our pin boards are hand made in Australia from high grade (dense) styrene foam polymer (not the crumbly stuff!). Expanded Polystyrene is lightweight, durable, strong and 100% recyclable. These pin boards are strong enough to last you for years to come. We face the boards with fabrics to provide a colourful and durable surface to pin to.

The benefit of using these materials is that we can create amazing dynamic shapes. There are tons of cover choices so that you can design your own to suit your space.The boards are lightweight, therefore safe for kids, easy to handle. They fasten firmly to your wall without tools or holes in your wall. The boards come with double sided tape - all you need for a simple peel and press installation - and they're removable too. 


Are they easy to install?

Yes! The products are lightweight which makes them a breeze to install without tools or holes in your wall.They are wall mounted with padded double sided tape, you just peel and press. They're lightweight so there's no chance of them falling off and hurting anyone either! 

TIPS: Make sure that your wall is dry and clean, and dust free. If your walls have been recently painted, please allow 4-6 weeks for your paint to cure before attaching the boards to your wall.

Handle the products with care. It's a good idea to use to use blu-tack to get your layout right before you attach the boards. This way, if you change your mind and want to move them, it can be done quickly and easily before securing them in place.

Remove the backing from the double sided tabs and push the item to the wall pressing lightly with your palms. That's it!



Will they fix to any kind of wall?

No, it depends on the texture. We recommend smooth surfaces. If your wall is rough, bumpy or newly painted, the products may not adhere properly. Little Dinosaur is not responsible if items applied to a bumpy texture do not stick. Wipe your walls down with a dry cloth to remove any dust or those cobwebs hanging out in the corner.We recommend smooth surfaces. Even lightly textured surfaces such as orange peel texture can prevent the tabs from adhering. Little 


How easy is it to remove them later?

If you ever want to remove Little Dinosaur products, use a flat bladed knife or metal spatula along the back of the product. If there is tape left on your wall, rub it a little with your thumb and it will peel off quite easily. Eucalyptus oil will remove any residue. 

If you want to move the boards or need to remove often, you can use blue painters tape (which can be purchased at the hardware or paint shop). Attach to the wall where the tabs are and adhere the double sided tabs to the blue tape instead of the painted wall. This will make removal much easier. 


Are they easy to clean?

For best results, we suggest that you clean the products with a hairdryer on a cool setting to blow away any dust or a dry cloth can be effective also.


How long does it take to receive my order?

Orders take about a week to manufacture depending of course on what you order and our work load at the time. We do our best to get orders out as quickly as possible.

At the check out we give you an option to let us know if you have a timeline or 'required by' date...and we will respond to confirm if we can do it for you.

Remember that getting them to you takes time too....If you live in WA or more remote areas, the postage sometimes takes 7-10  working days to get there. If you are on the East coast, it should only take about 2-3 working days to arrive.


What is the exchange/returns policy?

Our return policy is simple. If you aren't happy, we aren't happy. If you or your little ones are not completely satisfied with your purchase We will offer an exchange for items that are not completely satisfactory. Exchanges are accepted within 14 days of the date of receipt. Goods must be returned in perfect condition in the original shipping box. Please contact customer service at for return authorization.

We do not offer shipping and handling refund or credit on returned merchandise.

 * The only non-refundable items at 'little dinosaur' are custom/personalised items (made to order).


Can an order be cancelled?

We will do our best to try and cancel an order if we hear back from you immediately. Unfortunately, once an order is submitted and paid for it is placed into production immediately. Under normal circumstances, this is a good thing for you, getting your order dispatched quickly! Customised orders cannot be cancelled once submitted.


Is my personal information secure?

We use the industry's highest level of encryption and authentication tools to protect the security of your credit card information. Specifically, every part in our web ordering process that requests credit card information uses encryption, which is designed to render information unreadable should anyone try to intercept it.


What kind of pins do you reccomend?

Any kind! Dressmaker's pins, drawing pins, or gripper pins. The high density foam is very forgiving and our boards are quite hard wearing. Naturally, pins with narrower shafts will be less abrasive on the fabric fascia which will help the board last longer. Rest assured we have pin boards here in our studio that have lasted the test of time (about 8 years or more) and we have had no complaints from our

customers regarding longevity.

Whats likely is, by the time the pin board wears

out, you'll be ready to redecorate anyway!


How many different variations are there?

There's around 1700 possible combinations or more and growing all the time as we acquire new covers and add to our collection! WOW! We're impressed too!  : )

With so much choice, it's quite likely that your pin board is going to be unique right?


How can I pay?

We prefer direct deposit or PayPal but if you'd like to pay by cheque, that's fine too. (We don't commence with the manufacture of an order until payment has been received and cleared so it may slow down your order).

At the checkout, you will automatically be directed to PayPal where you can pay with a credit card. It doesn't matter if you are signed up to PayPal or not, you can still pay with a credit card as a visitor....It's easy!

Here are the digits for a direct deposit:

Name: Little Dinosaur / BSB: 062-592 Account: 10945611 

design your own pin board
skull shaped pin board
heart shaped pin board
lion shaped pin board
flower shaped pin board
animal pin board
butterfly shaped pin board
cloud pin board
kombie pin board
beach kombie pin board
gecko pin board



How do you package the boards so they get to me safely?

We package the boards very well...firstly we bubble wrap each board carefully to avoid any abrasions or rubbing whilst in transit. Some shapes are hard backed to prevent damage inside the box. We pad the box with newspaper to avoid movement and our cartons are 3 ply rigid boxes to protect our boards. 

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