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Get designer results when decorating kids rooms.

Creating a space for your little one to play and grow can and should be a fun experience. That said, it can also be a challenging one. After all, a beautiful, functional room that your child will love both now and for years to come is a pretty tall order!

Need a little advice? We’ve got you covered. This useful round up of cute kids’ rooms and pro decorating tips is designed to help you identify your child’s current wants and future needs, allowing you to strike that all-important balance between practical and adorable.

1. Keep it simple

When it comes to kids’ rooms, less is usually more. By keeping the décor simple and furnishings to a minimum, you’ll create more space to play and provide a neutral canvas that can be easily updated as your child grows.

This simple yet adorable Litle Dinosaur Australia Map pin board room puts playtime first, providing plenty of open floor space. A floor-level, house-frame bed doubles as a play zone, well-loved toys to serve as charming accessories and a handyb pint sized desk allows for colouring.

2. Design a kid freindly space

Want to create a kid-friendly space? Imagine you’re three feet tall.

This bright and simple toddler room

is designed with a tiny tenant in mind. A cozy bed and pint-sized furniture and storage offer a comfortable alternative to traditional furnishings, while low bins, open shelving, and easy-to-access hooks encourage self-responsibility and independent play.

By putting yourself in your little one’s shoes, you can easily create a space that is as functional as it is cute. The jet in snowflake pin board offers aplace to put memos, awardfs and cards or can just be a cute decorative element. This was a spcial order and can still be ordered just send us a message

3. Focus on Play

To create a room your little one will love, try focusing on the thing they love to do most: play!

Boasting an indoor swing, a ball pit, and a whimsical house-frame bed, this sweet and girly space puts an emphasis on fun without sacrificing style.

Want to add an element of fun to your design? Consider a heart shaped pin board which acts as an easy-to-update art gallery where your kiddo can display their favorite creations, awards or cards. A built-in rock-climbing wall, bunk bed slide, or ceiling-suspended cargo net also make for great options, encouraging play while helping to burn up all that extra, pre-bedtime energy.

4. Make room for magic

Kids see the world differently than adults, infusing imagination and magic into the everyday. Give them some inexpensive fairy lights and a $5 pack of glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars, and they’ll give you a fairy palace and a galaxy of adventure. So go ahead! Add a touch of something

enchanting like a pair of magical unicorns.

You just might be surprised with what you get in return.

With its glittering fairy lights, colorful circus flags, and adorable star pin board , this whimsical encourages imagination and invites its little owner to come and play.

5. Make the most of the space you have

Whether you’re working with a small room or a big imagination, making the most of your child’s space is an absolute necessity.

A simple loft bed doubles the usable space in this clean-cut and modern kid’s room, creating an additional play zone that can easily be converted to a reading nook or lounge area into the future. 

6. Double up on storage

From their toys, games, and books to their ever-changing wardrobes in multiple sizes, kids come with a lot of stuff.

Need help corralling the clutter? Hooks, wall-hugging book rails, under-the-bed storage crates, and furniture with built-in storage are great options and can double your storage space.

Take a look in your local storage shop or hardware for some great ideas to help your kids to develop organisation skills.

7. Play with colour

Kids love color, but choosing the right one can be tricky. Sure, your little girl may adore all things hot pink now, but that doesn’t mean she will later, and the thought of repainting the entire room in just a few short years is enough to give anyone color commitment issues!

Looking for a long-term solution?

This bright and cheery kid’s room offers a clever compromise by introducing a rainbow of colorful accessories into a clean, neutral setting that can be easily updated when your kiddo is ready for a new look.

8. Make sure you add some pattern and texture

Wondering what makes the kids’ rooms you see on Pinterest look so, well, Pin-worthy? Careful use of pattern and texture likely has a lot to do with it.

The beautiful and yet often-neglected stepsisters of color, these important decorating tools are a professional designer’s secret weapon and can take a room from blah to breathtaking with just a few added elements.

This beautiful black-and-white nursery is a perfect example, using a power combo of rich, textural layers and bold, graphic pattern to create a well-balanced and visually interesting space without any color at all. Did you know that Little Dinosaur has around 100 different patterns and textures in covers for pin boards? Easy to match any decor and address the need for pattern and texture in one easy step. Take alook at all the cover options here.

9. Keep little hands and minds busy

If you have the space, a kid-friendly work area is a must. Providing your child with a place to color and create will not only keep them busy but may also help with their physical and mental development. When your child is older, a personal workspace can come in handy, offering a quiet place to study and do homework. 

This comfortable workstation has plenty of space for doing arts and crafts and displaying creations. Playful yet stylish, it can transition into a homework station as needed.

10. Give them a sanctuary - a place to get away from it all

We all need to get away from time to time. A reading nook is an excellent place for some quality alone time and has the added benefit of encouraging your little one to curl up with a good book!

This cozy corner has everything you need to spend a rainy day indoors. Catch a quiet moment by yourself or invite a friend. There’s even room for cuddles! We think a yellow star pin board would look great in this space!

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