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How to improve your creativity.

We all know that creativity offers a bounty of intellectual, emotional and even health benefits.

It's been proven that people with better imaginations cope better with pain! Creativity also helps with confidence, better social skills, better learning ability.

1. Designate a space for creating.

Carving out a space where you or your children can be creative is important.

But this doesn’t mean having a fancy playroom or art studio. It could be a corner of a room with your own version of 'stuff to be creative with' (whatever that is). It might be a desk and a set of paints and paper or simply a colouring in book that you can pick up whenever you get the urge. Creativity can flourish in the most cramped spaces. The key is for you or your kids to feel like you have power over your own creative space - ownership of it.

2. Make a vision board.

Just like you don’t need to create an elaborate creative zone, you don’t need the latest and greatest equipment either. It might be a collection of natural things. Some poignant poetry displayed prominently for you to see every day or your favourite postcards and images.

You guessed it, a pin board helps to put these things at the front of your mind on a daily basis.

Do your own thing but keep it simple. You know where to get a great pin board from right? Baha

Find out more about the power of vision boards here.

3. Allow for “free time.”

It’s also important to give yourself or your child unstructured time. Spend a few hours at home without activities scheduled, so you can just potter around and play. This is sometimes a hard one in these busy times but it's so important to clear your mind to encourage creative thought. It allows you to be spontaneous and to start exercising your lateral thought. Time to create.

4. Activate your senses.

Expose yourself to the world so you can use all of your senses. This is a great way to transform stress and anxiety into joy and success. Again, this doesn’t mean costly or complicated trips. Go to the library, museum or just enjoy the outdoors. Use your imagination to create something new. To repurpose something or to finally do that project you have had your mind on for a while. Really observe your surroundings in detail and focus on the sensory experiences.

5. Discuss creativity and keep track of your ideas.

When you come up with your best ideas or have their most creative moments, write it down or talk about it! Always keep a notebook or use your phone voice recorder to keep track of your ideas.

6. Cultivate creative critical thinking.

Ask yourself how you might do things differently when faced with a creative idea or task. Brainstorm your ideas on paper or use mind-mapping. Its amazing how this pulls ideas from nowhere!

7. Avoid overthinking it.

People have a stronger creative sense when they are alone and can tap into their intuitive mind. Everyone is different and some people of course need a group environment to get their creative juices going. Criticism can dampen your creativity so be careful who you are with when you're getting makes a big difference if you are feeling free and without judgement from others.

Remember that the act of overthinking (no matter if it's you doing the overthinking or someone else) can dampen or even wipe out that innate ability to create. So it’s important to figure out how to engage in creativity without restricting it with too much. Using your intuition is important.

8. Pursue your passions.

Nurture your interests. Don't forget about them as some people do....

9. Encourage your kids - set an example for them.

Since kids learn from watching their parents, show them how creative you can be. Join your child when they’re drawing or building or coloring. If you play and experience different types of creativity with your kids, it's only likely to improve your own creative thought so spend time and watch what your kids do when they play, it will help exercise the creative right side of your brain!

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