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Teach Kids to be Organized

To varying degrees, nearly all young people have trouble with getting organized and managing their time. They need specific training from an adult on how to manage those skills, which are crucial for their future independent lives.

So here are a few great ways that all parents can help their kids manage their time better, to teach them how to be organized and live without you having to do everything. Skills which will continue to benefit them into their thier teens and beyond into adulthood.

PSSST.....I don't need to explain the benefits to you of raising more independent, more organised children right?

For younger kids, ways to keep their 'stuff' under control is a great starting point and will provide the platform and seta can show them by example how it's done. Once you get this storage structure in place, it's just a matter of ensuring that your kids put things away afterwards. You could ask your little one to help you design and install the storage ideas so that they feel a sense of ownership. It will help to ensure their cooperation in maintaining it.

Label aluminum buckets so it's easy to pick out what they want to play with that day (and put away afterwards.

Install a curtain rod with clip shower curtain rings to turn storage into decor.


Put together this cool Lego table with a couple of plastic drawer units and big sheets of Lego building



A bag or pencil case for each puzzle or game with multiple pieces. (The ones with a clear window are great).


Organise action figures or barbies in an over the door shoe caddy.


Install seat sacks over their chairs.


Save time on school mornings by asking your child to pick out their outfits for the week every Sunday. This idea is particularly helpful when you're trying to get your kids ready each morning - a big time saver!


Last but not least, design the perfect Little Dinosaur decorative pin board to display their favourite photos, awards and memos. didn't expect that life could be organised without pin boards did you!!??

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