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Are you organised? - find out now.

Little Dinosaur is aware that most dis organised people actually think that they are organsed!! Go figure???

Do you know the real test of being organised? If you can find ANYTHING in 20 seconds (yes that's 20 seconds) or less with no exceptions....then you can take the very organised crown and call yourself an organised person.

If it sometimes takes you longer than 20 seconds then you may need a little more work, throw a few things out and use a system of some kind to get your possessions under control.

If you spend most of your day looking for things and frequently cant find stuff, then I'm sorry to say, you are a dis organised person and yes this may be a major reality check for you. There are professional organisers who can help you get under control if the job is too daunting. You'll be amazed at how this transforms your life!

I don't mean to be too harsh or abrupt and I hope that my meaning is not misconstrued, but I suppose its important for you to consider the example you set for your kids. They look to you and how you do things to learn important life skills and if you are a dis organised kind of person, then your kids will most certainly think that this is normal and be like that too.

Anyway, dont forget that Little Dinosaur is one way to get organised in your space...we make pin boards that are good for adults too you know. There is some stuff that you don't want to just shove in a drawer or away on a file....favourite photos, awards, cards and greetings from friends, invitations and inspirational pictures. A pin board is perfect for these and we make the most gorgeous and interesting pin boards as you already know!

Well, I hope I've inspired you for a new years resolution which could be loads of fun and has the potential to change your life.

Happy New Year and all the best for a more organised 2018 from Little Dinosaur.


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