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Are theme rooms still popular for kids?

We are finding that there is a particularly strong interest recently for themed kids rooms.

Our customers often get us involved in the final decision for the right pin board design for their kids rooms be it helping with cover choice or helping to create a theme idea generally with multiple boards.

Our interior designer advises that the best way to get a great result for a super dooper themed room is to be a subtle about the theme. By being less literal with the theme, you'll find that the result will get a much better result that looks balanced and not too predictable. Predictability in your choices for decor in any room can look a bit 'corny' for want of a better word! Even in kids rooms.

Here s a few great ideas that we've been working on lately that fit in with the subtle them concept:

1. The Floral theme

Spring is the best time to celebrate all that is flowers or floral and we have the perfect combination for floral bedding in kids rooms. Colour, floral themed bedding and a flower pin board in a more subtle pattern or plain cover depending on the floral patterns that you have. The plainer colour will provide stability and will balance the visual result a bit. Our flower pin board is a best seller!

2.The Sea Theme

Little Dinosaur is based in Port Macquarie so we are used to working with coastal styling. So may of our clients want the surfing theme, or some kind of sea creature theme and we love it!

Here's an example of a coastal bedroom that is a bit subtle in its approach. An idea for the right custom pin board was requested by the lady of the house and we thought the sea horse pin board would be perfect for this space.

Remember the old saying 'less is more' when it comes to themes, even for kids rooms. You don't have to match every item to the theme or it starts to look contrived and predictable. For a real designer finish, its best to just hint on the theme, keeping it subtle often makes a higher impact.

3. Black and White Theme

This one is super easy to implement. If you are not confident with colour and lets face it many of us aren't, then this may be the theme for you. Here's some inspiration for you!

Well I could keep going all day, but I've got work to do so the rest is up to you. If you have any great subtle theme ides, we'd love to hear form you, please let us know here.

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