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Ballerina vision boards

Have you watched your child blossom into a ballerina? There's nothing more satisfying for a parent than seeing passion come out in your children. We received a glowing email from a Little Dinosaur fan this week telling us about their little girl who has become an enthusiastic ballerina of late. They continued to tell us that they initially bought a ballerina pin board from us about a year ago.... here it is;

We were thrilled to read that their little ballerina has really blossomed and that our room decor has been a pivoting factor. The little girl took great pleasure in setting her dance goals up on her very own ballerina pin board - kind of like a vision board. She then mapped her progress with it.

If you are keen to find out how this vision board magic works, click on this link which explains everything:

'Does it work for adults too?' - I hear you ask?.....why YES it does! if you've had a good look at our site, you'll know that we have some great ideas for adults too.

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