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Decorating boys' rooms can be tricky right?


1. From soccer to dinosaurs, your sons favorite activities and interests can provide an instant theme for his bedroom.

2.Create a harmonious space with cozy details that encourage creativity and excite his imagination.

3. A large feature of some kind (or a little Dinosaur pin board) will add miles of style while inspiring his dreams and adventurous side.


Small details can have a big impact on the room such as an accent table, a textured rug. Keep it interesting.

DON'T FORGET to make sure his room has plenty of storage. A toy chest at the end of the bed, lots of drawers and cupboard space so that he can keep the space tidy.


Let your son take part in the decision making - does he have a favorite colour? Remember that smaller rooms sometimes need lighter colours and be sure to consider the aspect of the room too.

If the room faces south, be sure to warm up the scheme with contrasting colours.

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