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Find out what bedroom theme most suits your little one

When it comes to decorating our children’s bedrooms, it seems us adults think we know best. But actually, involving your child in the decisions around how they decorate their bedroom can be an important part of growing up. It gives them their own space, a place to begin to work out exactly who they are and gives them a lasting sense of ownership and pride.

Kids say decorating their own bedroom is more important than their first day of school, with 92 per cent of children agreeing they’d spend more time playing in their room and doing homework (yes, really) if they had a say in how it’s decorated.

Leading Developmental Psychologist Dr. Sam Wass believes we could be denying our kids a valuable experience by not consulting them in their bedroom decor, saying; ‘It’s vital to children’s development to sometimes let them be in charge for a change.’

So once you’re ready to roll your sleeves up and get cracking (with the kids in tow of course), we’ve got just the thing to give you and your kids some inspiration.

The Dulux Kids' Rooms Tool

When decorating your child’s room, we know you want to create their dream space. That’s why we’ve created the Kids’ Rooms decorating tool! It only takes a few minutes - just sit down with your child, get them to answer three simple questions and we’ll suggest a style that's perfect for them and their room. We’ll even tell you how you how to do it in an easy but impactful way!

Dulux has some great colour ideas on this site and then we can help you with some feature shapes, wall decor, surfboards or pin boards to go with the theme you've chosen.

Naturally, Little Dinosaur has heaps of great themes boards to help you feature up your room once youve chosen the right theme so dont forget to come bacvk to us and check out our amazing pin boards...theyre so cool and you can design your own too. Yes more amazing choices to be made with your special little one. Choose from about 50 shapes and about 100 covers to personalise your wall feature.

Have fun!

Little Dinosaur

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