You wake up and the sun is shining, and you are looking out onto the vast expanse of the ocean. You go for a walk surrounded by flowers and greenery. You walk into a room that is beautifully decorated. In all these situations anyone would feel something: happy, joyful,...


Humans are naturally territorial and we want control over our belongings and our own space. We typically love to nest.

 Nesting begins at around two years of age when toddlers begin to learn the concept of “mine!”. Three year olds don’t have as many belongings or privac...


We all know that creativity offers a bounty of intellectual, emotional and even health benefits.

It's been proven that people with better imaginations cope better with pain! Creativity also helps with confidence, better social skills,  better learning ability....


 We have redesigned the Little Dinosaur website to make it easier for you all to design your own pinboards. 

Now our whole site is completely mobile and device friendly, our shapes and covers are more easily accessed, our cart is easier to use and you can add comments w...


To varying degrees, nearly all young people have trouble with getting organized and managing their time.  They need specific training from an adult on how to manage those skills, which are crucial for their future independent lives.

So here are a few great ways tha...


I suppose its important for you to consider the example you set for your kids. They look to you and how you do things to learn important life skills and if you are a messy dis organised kind of person, then your kids will most certainly think that this is normal and be...


pin boards in amazing shapes!


We are finding that there is a particularly strong interest recently for themed kids rooms. 

Our customers often get us involved in the final decision for the right pin board design for their kids rooms be it helping with cover choice or helping to create a theme i...


With the busy Christmas season looming....were preparing for the festive season and the usual huge influx of orders from gift giving shoppers. 

Our rain cloud and cloud pin board is by far proving to be our most popular item for this year. And its easy to see why.....


Our dinosaur pin boards are some of the more popular in our entire range and that's probably due to our business name right? When we were fleshing out our business plan (over 12 years ago now!) - we decided that dinosaurs were great identities for us. A concept that of...

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